In May 2019 “Youth Ocean Action” will hold an International Conference in Eastbourne, UK, involving young people to explore the dangers of plastic pollution that our Planet is facing today.

Workshops will be organised to find viable solutions and offer policies to present to Governments and people all over our Planet.

Enthusiastic members of Animo Students Biology/Environmental Club, California would like to Skype other students to share information about Microplastics? They want to get involved in helping to heal our Oceans. Please contact Mark Friedman on

.@paulwms I don’t think patients should be left waiting for #NHS treatment when they need it. Please ask @MattHancock today what he’ll do about NHS waiting times.

On our last visit to Moscow, we discussed waste management and Plastics. President Putin listened and just signed a Law on waste sorting in Russia to reduce the amount going to landfill. This Law was published two days ago. Above is a Notice which has been issued to all citizens.

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